Back End Developer Workshop

Create APIs, Databases, Security Modules and more with Code Cabin Academy's unique and powerful back end developer workshop.

Workshop Outline


Get a good understanding of what Back End Development is all about. Learn the lingo and prepare for the awesomeness that follows.

Forms and Inputs

Learn how to handle forms and inputs and the data that is sent from the front end of the site.

Data Handling

Learn all about POST and GET variables.


Create and manage your own database.

User accounts

Learn how to create a log in system and how to manage user accounts in a secure way.


Learn how to pull data from an API.


We'll teach you everything you need to know about looking for, handling and patching vulnerabilities in code.

Artificial Intelligence

Get an introduction to AI programming.

Workshop Projects

User registration/login form

Solo project

Build a HTML log in form that allows users to register an account and securely logs in users.


Team project

Work as a team to create an API of your choice. Publish the API live.

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