Front End Developer Workshop

Build websites, improve user experience and WOW everyone with your awesome UI skills.

Workshop Outline


Get a good understanding of what Front End Development is all about. Learn the lingo and prepare for the awesomeness that follows.

Website Templates

Understand how websites work and how a template is used.


Learn to build your own website.

Forms and inputs

Build HTML forms and handle input validation.

Responsive HTML and Images

Learn about responsive web design fundamentals.

Animations and Transitions

Make eye-popping websites with CSS animations and transitions.


Get a good understanding of the jQuery framework. Dynamically change the content, styling and structure of your website on the fly.

HTML5 Canvas

Learn all you need to know about HTML5 Canvas.


Dynamically fetch or send content with AJAX.


Learn how to improve the overall performance of any website.


For a more detailed outline, view our public Trello board.

Workshop Projects

Build an HTML template

Solo project

Build an HTML template from the ground up, incuding a contact form, sign up widget and mobile version of the template.

Business theme

Team project

Work as a team to create a business template which will be sold on Profits shared amongst all team mates

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